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Local Taxes

Tax Type


Shelby County

Property Tax    
  Property Rate per $100 of Assessed Value $1.28 $4.11
  Ratio of Assessment    
     -Residential 25% 25%
     -Industrial 40% 40%
     -Personal (Equipment) 30% 30%
Bonded Debt $432,540.00 $1,220,172,361.00
Assessed Valuation $8,466,462.00 $15,426,660,490.00
School Tax  .15 None
Local Sales Tax 0.5%  2.25%

Did You Know?  Arlington currently has the second lowest property tax rate of all the municipalities in Shelby County. 

Have questions on how your property taxes are calculated? Visit the Property Tax Calculator on the Property Assessor's website.

State Taxes

Tax Type Rate
Sales Tax 7.00%
Sales Tax - Food and Food Ingredients for Human Consumption 6.00%
Income Tax  0
Personal Interest and Dividends: 6.00%
Wages and Salary: None
Excise Net Earnings: 6.50%
Unemployment Tax  
New Employers - First $7,000.00 2.70%


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