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Arlington Zoning Code – the Arlington Zoning Code implements the Town’s vision for the future by providing regulations for structures, allowed uses, and parking by zoning designation. While the Town's Zoning Map will identify any property's underlying zoning, many neighborhoods were built under a Planned Development (PD) process that may have slightly different regulations for that neighborhood. Always reach out to Town Hall or check the recorded PD or Plat for your neighborhood to confirm the regulations in place before planning any construction project.  

Building Codes, Policies, and Permits – Permits are required for all new construction.  In addition, residential permits are required for additions, accessory structures (sheds, pergolas, fences, patio covers), curb cuts, and pools.  If your work only involves interior renovations, remodeling, or electrical you may contact Shelby County Codes directly. 

Building permits must be submitted on a standard Shelby County form and turned into Town Hall for initial approval.  Once approved, the Town will submit to Shelby County for processing, as the Town of Arlington contracts with Memphis/Shelby County to perform building permit review and inspection services. .

No permit is required for work such as: new carpet, paint, fans, new roof shingles, etc.  If there's a question, it's always best to call first to confirm (901-867-2620).

Additional Information
about general residential construction and remodeling issues, such as additions, accessory structures, swimming pools, and code violations can be found in the Handouts below, or by visiting Town Hall and speaking with the Planning Department:

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