Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions 
  1. What are the hours of operation for Town Hall?   Town Hall is open Monday-Thursday from 8 AM until 5 PM, and Friday from 8 AM until 4 PM. Town Hall may be contacted at (901)-867-2620.
  2. How do I start my Garbage and Recycle Collection Service?   To start Garbage and Recycle Collection, please contact Public Works at (901) 867-4980. Someone will deliver cans to your home within 24 hours. 
  3. Where can I find submittal applications?   All applications can be found in the Document Center portion of the website or picked up at Town Hall (5854 Airline Road). 
  4. Where can I find the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations & Design Guidelines Manual?   Planning and Development documents can be found by clicking here
  5. Can I pay my utilities bill online?   All utility bills are collected by MLGW. You may pay online by clicking here
  6. How is my Sewer Bill calculated?   Sewer charges are calculated using the total amount of water consumed. Water consumption is measured in "ccf." There are 7.48 gallons per cubic foot which equates to 748 gallons per "ccf" (7.48 x 100) Multiply the amount of water used by $2.84 and add $7.52 (example: water used 15 ccf, so 15 x $2.84 = $42.60 + $7.52= $50.12 sewer charge). For all other information regarding your MLGW bill, call MLGW at (901) 544-6549.
  7. Does Arlington have a Senior Citizens CenterYes. The Arlington Senior Citizens Center is located at 6265 Chester Street. For more information, visit the Senior Citizens Center homepage
  8. Do I need a permit to install a fence? Yes. A fence permit costs $25 and may be obtained at Town Hall, 5854 Airline Road. 
  9. Who do I contact to get vehicle tags? To obtain vehicle tags, please contact the Shelby County Clerk's Office at
  10. Does Arlington have a Police Department? The Town of Arlington does not have it's own police force. The Town uses the Shelby County Sheriff's Office
  11. Is there a regulation governing dogs? Rules and regulations for the governing of dogs is referenced in the Municipal code: Title 10 - Animal Control.  For any loose or stray animals contact Shelby County Animal Control - Dog Catcher at 901-222-9725.
  12. How do I know if I need a Business License in Arlington? Contact Town Hall and they can guide you, based on the type of business you have.
  13. Who do I contact with questions about Schools in Arlington?  Contact Arlington Community Schools for information about our 2 elementary schools, middle school, and high school.
  14. Where do I go to get a building permit for new construction, sheds, pools, etc?   The Town of Arlington does not have a Building Permit Department; we contract with Shelby County Construction Code Enforcement.  All RESIDENTIAL permits shall be submitted through Town Hall in Arlington and will be forwarded to the County after Town review.  Any COMMERCIAL permits shall be submitted directly to Shelby County. Please note most commercial permits will require a Zoning/Use verification letter from the Town of Arlington before permits can be issued for new uses.
Public Works
  1. What are the hours of operation for Public Works? Public Works operates from 7 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday to Friday. Public Works can be contacted at 901-867-4980.
  2. How do I properly dispose of Household Hazardous Waste? Residents may dispose of household hazardous waste at the Shelby County Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility on 6305 Haley Marino Road, Memphis, TN 38134, or may contact 901-222-7729. They accept items such as paints, auto fluids, car batteries, fertilizers, pool chemicals, etc.
  3. Where can I find the garbage rules and regulations? For garbage or recycling questions, contact Public Works at 901-867-4980. More information regarding collection services can be found by clicking on this link.
  4. Who do I call about a pot hole in the street? Contact Public Works at 901-867-4980 with your concern and a location. They will identify whether it is a Town, private, or state-owned street and respond accordingly.
Town Government
  1. Who are the members of the Town's Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA)The Town has 7 elected officials on the BMA. Information can be found here: Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
  2. When and where does the BMA meet? The Board of Mayor and Aldermen (BMA) meet the first (1st) Monday of every month, unless it falls on a holiday. A full calendar can be found by clicking here. 
  3. How do I get an item placed on the agenda for the Board of Mayor and Aldermen? At each Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting, there is a time for grievances and comments from citizens. This is not a question and answer session, however it allows each resident 1-3 minutes to state any concerns or comments. Projects considered by the BMA must be submitted through the appropriate departments for consideration on an agenda. 
Depot Square 
  1. Where can I learn more about Arlington's historySome information is available on the Arlington APTA (Association for the Preservation of TN Antiquities) page on our website. A  link to contact that organization is also available for additional questions.
  2. Do I need to apply for a sign permit for my business in Depot Square? Sign applications can be found by clicking here.  There is a $50.00 fee per signPlease contact the Planning Department at 901-867-3449 to find out more about sizing, lighting, and design guidelines.


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