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The Town of Arlington recently conducted a 2018 Special Census and wants to Thank everyone for their help in getting the most accurate count of our residents.

Our Census count resulted in a total of 13,217 residents (March 1, 2018).

Our information has been submitted to a local agency for Verification
, as required by the State. That agency (Memphis Area Assoc. of Governments) will next do a one-day, door-to-door verification in mid-April. They are only required to verify 10% of our count, and those chosen are randomly selected.  

If you have any questions, some information and Facts are provided below. Otherwise you may contact Town Hall at 901-867-2620 . 

Here are a few facts about the Special Census:
  • This is a Town of Arlington Special Census, not a Federal Census
  • The State of Tennessee provides revenue to cities based on their population. Due to Arlington’s growth, we believe the Town should receive more revenue from the State.
  • The Special Census will help the Town get its fair share of taxes our citizens already pay to the State.
  • Whether you own a home or rent, every Town of Arlington resident counts.
  • Children who are away at college count too!

People Counting

Based on recent building permit data, we anticipated that Arlington's population may now exceed 13,500 residents. Our final count was 13,217; however, there were still a couple hundred homes that did not provide any feedback.  Regardless, that increase should result in Town receiving an additional $140,000 per year of state revenue, which is important to all of us who live and work here.  


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