Construction Inspection

Construction Inspection staff are located in the Public Works Department.  They are responsible for inspecting Town projects and public infrastructure constructed in coordination with private development to ensure Town standards are met. In addition, they also enforce and inspect all activities impacting the Town's Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) and Construction General Permit (CGP).

Examples of items which require Inspection/Approval by Town staff:

  • New single-family homes

  • Curb cuts, new driveways, sidewalk repairs, and driveway culvert installation

  • Installation of sidewalk drains or curb cuts for drain pipes

  • Public infrastructure installed by private developers (roads, curb and gutter, drainage infrastructure, sewer lines, etc)

  • New non-residential site development for consistency with approved plans

  • Soil disturbing activities (clearing, grading, grubbing, etc) and projects which discharge into to local creeks, rivers and drainage ways. 

  • Work outside Town-approved days and hours permitted for construction

For additional information, contact the Public Works Department at 901-867-4980.

Site Inspection