Sewer Backups

phone and SOS on green background

To Report A Sewer Backup: 

From 7am to 3:30pm on weekdays - 901-867-4980


After-hours, holidays, and weekends - 901-229-1965 

Sewer Laterals and Cleanouts (private) - A sewer lateral is a private line that carries all wastewater from the home to the Town's sewer main. Since it is a private line, the repair and maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner. Sewer laterals have an access point called the 'cleanout' located on the homeowner's premises (often a white PVC pipe).

white pvc sewer cleanout on grass lawn

In the Event of Sewer Blockage: If a sewer backup occurs in the home, the cap on the home's cleanout may be removed to relieve the pressure and help protect the home from sewage backflow. If a homeowner suspects a sewer blockage, it should be reported to the Arlington Public Works office at (901) 867-4980 for in inspection of the sewer main.

While the homeowner is responsible for the line between the house and its connection to the major sewer line at the street, when a sewer stoppage occurs the source of the problem is not always immediately apparent.

HELP PREVENT SEWER BLOCKAGES - Following these few steps could save you a costly plumbing bill and help protect your home and the environment.