Fire Prevention Program

Fire Prevention Demonstrations: The Arlington Fire Department provides on-site  fire prevention demonstrations and will schedule station tours. Please call Fire Station 1 at 901-867-8905 or Fire Station 2 at 901-867-9403 to discuss your needs today.

Several great sites are available which reinforce the importance of fire prevention and safety.

Annual Fire Building Inspections & Surveys: We conduct annual fire building inspections and surveys on multi-family residential occupancies and commercial businesses.  The goal is to decrease the number and severity of fires and increase fire safety awareness.   

Annual Fire Inspections

The Town of Arlington conducts annual inspections of multiple residential occupancies and commercial businesses.

The goal of these inspections is to decrease the number and severity of fires and increase fire safety awareness. Cited fire violations are generally given 30 days to abate violations; however, more serious life safety violations are given less time depending on the violation.

Below is a list of some of the most common Fire Code safety violations the Fire Prevention Bureau looks for during annual inspections. Use this list as a guide to assist you in identifying and correcting potential fire and life safety hazards in your building.

 For more information on when your business is scheduled, to schedule an annual fire inspection, or to obtain general information - call the Arlington Fire Department (901) 867-8905. 

Red fire pickup truck parked in front of a brick building