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MLGW addresses frozen pipes
Customers encouraged to call emergency line 528-4465

(January 17, 2024) With the increase in temperatures, we are seeing an increase in customer leaks and broken water mains.  Property owners of unoccupied properties are asked to check their property for leaks,  including irrigation systems.  Customers can call 528-4465 if they need assistance or if they see water coming out of the street,  a home,  or building. 

MLGW crew are repairing known water main breaks.  At present,  there are six known water main breaks.  Other crew are working to detect breaks in water mains or along the distribution system.  The Fire Department is addressing fire suppression system leaks.  

As temperatures increase past the freezing point on Wednesday,  customers are encouraged to stop or decrease dripping of faucets to help water pressure build throughout the system.