Two sheriff officers, Mayor, and Sheriff posed at front of Board room. Text says 2023 Deputy of the Year Award

Deputy Michael Kraemer Awarded Deputy of the Year

In a recent accolade, Deputy Michael Kraemer was honored as Deputy of the Year during the Arlington Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting held on May 6th.

Throughout his career, Deputy Kraemer has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the safety of Shelby County citizens. With a background spanning Uniform Patrol, S.W.A.T., DUI enforcement, and, most recently, Homeland Security, his dedication to public service is evident.

Currently overseeing the SkyCop program, Deputy Kraemer plays a pivotal role in its efficient operation. He ensures the strategic placement of SkyCop trailers, reviewing footage to aid in criminal investigations and guaranteeing smooth traffic flow during events. His meticulous attention to detail and thorough understanding of Arlington's dynamics contribute significantly to our citizens' safety and peace of mind.

Despite the often unseen nature of his work, Deputy Kraemer's efforts have a tangible impact on community safety. His proactive approach to deploying SkyCop resources based on crime trends further underscores his commitment to safeguarding Arlington residents.

Deputy Kraemer's nomination for Deputy of the Year reflects his tireless dedication, exemplary work ethic, and remarkable self-discipline. His contributions to law enforcement and public safety are invaluable, deserving of this prestigious recognition.

Sheriff Deputy receiving award at a podiumSheriff Deputy posing with friends and family members at front of Board RoomSheriff Deputy posed with 4 Safety Committee members at front of Board RoomSheriff Deputy posed with several SCSO members at front of Board Room